For the renowned banker Camilo Atala Faraj, Executive President of Ficohsa Financial Group, supporting small and medium-sized entrepreneurs with projects that promote their growth are initiatives that can make the difference for this sector to consolidate, strengthen and thus make Honduras bigger.

It is extremely important to promote the business sector, as it generates 70 percent of employment in the country and Central America. Atala Faraj considers this action strategic for the region to continue to evolve.

To promote these initiatives, the businessman opened a store in Tegucigalpa, which will allow entrepreneurs to showcase their products and the opportunity to have a market, all with the aim of generating more jobs.

Camilo Atala Faraj considers it necessary to promote small business owners.

Atala explained that in order to achieve this momentum, small entrepreneurs must be attracted so that they can grow and have the opportunity to become large entrepreneurs. «We are convinced that these are the initiatives that can make a difference in our country,» he said.

The banker supports the law approved by the National Congress and promoted by the President of the Republic, which stipulates that a helping hand should be given to micro, small and medium-sized companies, since they will generate thousands of jobs.

Incentivizing domestic consumption

The businessman said that if the consumption of many of the products that are grown in the countryside and processed in the city can be encouraged, more demand will be achieved and with it, these small entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to promote their growth and generate employment.

To this end, Ficohsa Bank promotes the «Made at Home» program, which encourages the consumption of national production to strengthen and enable Honduran entrepreneurs to grow.

He stated that small businessmen are the good payers, because they are the first to risk their capital, put their house on the line, invest the most, sweat and work hard to achieve their goals.