Ficohsa Bank has become the largest bank in Honduras, with more than 20 years of experience in the market and an A+ risk rating issued by Fitch Ratings. According to Camilo Atala, president of Ficohsa Financial Group, the main strategy that has defined its success is to know the market and its clients.

The trust in its employees is part of this strategy, since human resources represent its main growth potential.

Camilo Atala Faraj: The key is to look to the future.

The businessman affirms that Central America is updating its economy and that it is increasingly visible to international markets and its powerful economic agents. For Atala, the key is to look to the future, think differently and know that the region is becoming increasingly internationalized, which will give it the strength to face external challenges.

He envisions the bank among the group of financial leaders in Central America and the Caribbean, with a strong presence in the U.S. Hispanic market. «We want to be the partners of the major banks in Europe, as well as the reliable and responsible partners of the major banks in the large nations of Asia,» he said.

He emphasized that it is necessary to have a coherent and responsible fiscal policy, where the State collects resources from all stakeholders and that these resources are used for the social improvement of the population.

The business world must take advantage of all existing opportunities.

The renowned banker is aware that there is still a long way to go, as the business world has not yet discovered and taken advantage of all the existing opportunities.

In his opinion, the production level of companies is insufficient to become regional players, hence integration or the formation of «clusters» will be vital for the emergence of regional players.